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It's what's on the inside that counts

From the time Cierra started her first job at an ice cream shop, she became passionate about ice cream! In 2015, Cierra and her significant other, Nicholas, came across the ice cream shop in Horseheads. Although the two were young, they gave it a try!


Despite several banks turning the couple away due to their unwillingness to even open their business plan, one finally saw their passion and drive. Rather than focusing on their age and experience, the loan officer read the business plan and knew they had what it takes to make this happen! After the loan approval, Nick and Cierra worked hard to pull it off! They hope that they have created a place that the community loves to bring their family to spend quality time with each other and their neighbors. 

"You are all my family. I want to support you, just as you have supported me. If you ever need help with something, to vent about a bad day, or just shoot the breeze, come visit me and my team! I mean, is there anything better than chatting over an ice cream or cup of coffee? And trust me, we LOVE to chat! I am sure that I can say the same for every single person on my team! I am so thankful that this community has welcomed our dream with open arms. Thank you for being loyal to our small business, it means the world to us. We can't wait to be apart of your family memories!"

Over the last several years after opening in 2015, Nick and Cierra have started their family. The new little mascots are Kyen (6), Aryson (3), Kallum & Audra(2 year old twins), and Charlie (5 year old pup)! In 2020, we expanded the business with coffee and a full espresso bar. Since then, we have been blessed enough to turn our seasonal ice cream shop into a shop that stays open ALL YEAR LONG, offering both ice cream and coffee no matter the weather! 

2022 Update: maybe this should turn into a timeline? In 2022, beyond our wildest dreams, we opened a second location! We are so excited to be able to create memories with you in both Horseheads and Painted Post, NY! We have BIG DREAMS of not stopping there!

See you soon, friend! 


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